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Dear Sarah,

I really like my pal’s recent ex-boyfriend. To be honest, we enjoyed him throughout their unique connection. Could it be OK personally as of yet him now? You will findn’t asked their however, but even when she claims she is down with it, could I think her? And, easily choose to do it now, how much time must I hold off?

—Crushing in Boston, MA

Dear Crushing,

1st, I want to congratulate you on winning recently’s award for Cool Chick. Exactly Why? You didn’t make an effort to ruin the
friend’s connection
or hook-up with her date even though they happened to be collectively


you already know your planning to need to put on the huge woman shorts and then have that supremely awkward dialogue about adopting the ex.

Individuals frequently spot much more price on their romances than they do their unique
. When a hot man or woman turns up, friends fade to the back ground only to end up being recalled with great requirement and necessity on celebration of a breakup. Approximately we would like to think that true love never ever dies, the truth is that platonic bonds tend to be tougher and nourishing on top of the long term than intimate relationships—but these types of deep friendships simply take prioritizing. Section of honoring your own pal is actually asking her permission commit on together with her previous sweetheart.

If she is however positively grieving, the right course of action is hold off. You waited out their particular entire union, what are several a lot more weeks (and/or several months)? Just take the girl out for a latte, and become truthful regarding your thoughts. Recognize you have something potentially uncomfortable to go over and highlight your relationship is really important for your requirements. It’s likely, the woman isn’t likely to provide you with a big hug and tell you firmly to “go for this!” but hopefully she’s going to understand and value that you are currently in advance along with her. If she flat out states, “no,” provide the lady a few days to restart then have another girl-to-girl talk.

If you
carry out find yourself online dating the ex
, expect some tension. It will probably ease with time. If she actually is of the same quality a buddy to you since you have gone to the lady, she will carry out their better to cool. Excursions without the ex are necessary, additionally the periodic, “therefore, it is kind of strange, huh?” will pay for the woman the chance to vent and clear air.

Really Love, Sarah